Vineyard Establishment at AITEC Dodoma

The Establishment of the Vineyard at AITEC Dodoma is a huge milestone in supporting thousands of grape growers in the Dodoma Region.  The site is establishing  6 different varieties to determine which ones should be introduced to the region.  The research site will also develop growing protocols and recommendations for optimal production of quality grapes.

Grapes are viewed as one of the most important Agricultural Value Chains in Dodoma.  To support Value chains there is a requirement for an understanding of the various components required to produce high quality at the premium quality.  The components includes agricultural inputs (seeds, fertilizers, chemicals), services that support production (e.g. nurseries or tractor services), the production at the farm, transportation, sorting, marketing and consumption. Farmers require a strong value chain in order to get added value for their crops.
In Dodoma we are working to promote the grape value chain. There is huge potential and investment has already been made. Farmers are growing and there are distillers purchasing the grapes. Improvements in production and in the entire value chain can transform the region. Hence at the AITEC Dodoma we aim to demonstrate advanced agronomy, varieties and to serve as a center for training and research. We look forward to seeing our vines grow!




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