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recent event

Meteorological System

We are excited to announce that we have recently installed a meteorological station at AITEC farm Dodoma. This new addition to our farm will help us improve our irrigation program by providing us with more accurate weather predictions. With the data collected by the station, we can plan our irrigation schedules more efficiently and conserve water. By determining the optimal times for irrigation, we can reduce the time and labor required for this critical task.

W4M Donors visit

Last month we had a very special visit, Nermine Rubin, the CEO of W4M, and a group of donors from the USA visited our Aitec farm in Dodoma, Tanzania. Their presence and interest in our work at both Don Bosco and Mapinduzi village were truly appreciated. Their visit not only showcased their genuine commitment to learning about our activities but also served as a source of motivation for our team. Thank you for investing your time and energy in understanding the impact of our work!