AITEC: Fruit Trees

The AITeC fruit orchards demonstrate proper cultivation of Fruit trees. An orchard is a planted and managed area of fruit trees. The fruit tree component builds knowledge related to agronomy, integrated pest crop management, maturation of the fruit, plant stress, nutritional aspects and harvest and post-harvest technologies and techniques. Intercropping, which enables vegetable production and income generation during the initial stage of the fruit trees, before they produce fruit. Fruit trees enter intensive production only 3-4 years after planting.

Orchard Cultivation

Establishment of an orchard is a long term investment and deserves a very critical planning. The selection of proper location and site, planting system and planting distance, choosing the varieties and the nursery plants have to be considered carefully to ensure maximum production.

The management of the Orchard requires proper care that includes pest management, soil management, pruning, staking, irrigation and fertilization.  Orchard management requires proper planning in order to achieve maximum yields. 


Grafting is a horticultural techniques used to join parts from two or more plants so that they appear to grow as a single plant. In grafting, the upper part (scion) of one plant grows on the root system (rootstock) of another plant.

Scions enable to selected the specific varieties or cultivars  which may offer improved insect or disease resistance, better drought tolerance, higher yields or market preference.  

Rootstocks enable to select a root system that will have superior growth habits, disease and insect resistance, and drought tolerance.


Fruit Tree Knowledge Program

The AITeC’s promotion of Fruit trees aims to unlock the potential in the regions of operation.  The growing demand for fruit trees world wide provides an economic opportunity for export oriented production of fruits.

The AITeC conducts Trainings, Demonstration and Research in order to build knowledge and capacity for local fruit tree production.